Welcome to my registry page! I created this site so that you can be intimately involved in all the joys that come with entering into Postulancy with the Sisters of Life! I am very grateful that you want to share in this amazing new journey with me by supplying me with the items I will need for my first year. 

This site offers guests the option to give outside of traditional store registries and contribute to what I'll need to purchase for my first year. 

Although I don't need much in order to enter the Sisters of Life, some of the items are difficult to find, need to be a specific color/style/fit, or shipped to NY (not to me in California). I also will need to make returns if certain things don’t fit, or match the Sisters of Life requirements, etc..I am also working against the clock since I enter in 2 months! Because of these different challenges, Deposit a Gift offers cash gifts as an option. On the Registry page, you will see the item that I am requesting and an estimated price of that item. You pick whatever item or amount that you would like to give. I will not receive the item that you choose, but your financial gift. With your gift I will be able to go and purchase that item online or at a store within the next two months. I will keep track of each gift and when I purchase the items, I will contact you to thank you.


Below you will find a few videos about the Sisters of Life. 


The Good Life - in Nebraska
Basketball at Summer Training 2014
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